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Energy free and pollution free technology. Hidden technologies about alternative energy.

Hydrogen and magnetic motors technology, low cost or free energy generating systems without pollution.
Such free energy systems could be used to get free electricity and an energy freely powered car engine, as basics examples.
A way for our future to get free or low cost energy.

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Perendev magnet opposing wheels:
Unlike other magnet powered engines (Minato or Bedini magnet engines), the Perendev opposed magnetic engine system is only using opposed magnetic wheels (magnets are present both in the rotor and the stator). Perendev, headed by Michael J. Brady, is famous for its claim to an all and only magnet motor. In 2006, Brady claimed to have built an electromagnetic self-running version. He began taking orders for these in the output range from 100 kW to 4 MW, and in Feb. 2007 allegedly delivered as many as 80-90 in the two sizes of 100 kW and 300 kW by adding to the rotor an electrical power generator .
perendev complete magnet motor  perendev open motor schema
-Watch video on youtube about the Perendev magnetic motor:

-Check Google results about the "Perendev magnetic motor"


Minato magnet engine:
Mr Kohei Minato from Japan have invented a working all-magnet motor (from Nikola Tesla, first inventor of such systems), as well as an electromagnetic variation that was described as "ultra efficient" and reducing power consummation. The Minato motor consume just 20 percent or less of the power of conventional motors with the same torque and horse power. They run cool to the touch and produce almost no acoustic or electrical noise. Significantly safer and cheaper (less power consumed), and they are sounder environmentally (pollution free). The magnetic motor will be cheaper than a standard motor to make, as the rotor and stator assemblies can be set into plastic housings, due to the fact that the system creates very little heat. With the help of magnetic propulsion, it is feasible to attach a generator to the motor and produce more electric power than was put into the device. Minato says that average efficiency on his motors is about 330 percent. Recently, some Minato magnet engines was placed into some "A/C air conditioning" as power source, saving up to 80% electrical energy from it's own power source.
minato complete engine minato kohei motor schema
-Watch video on youtube about the "Minato magnetic motor"
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Still don't know about SUPERETHANOL ? check superethanol-eco.com

John Bedini magnet engine:
John Bedini of the Bedini Electronics company is an electrical engineer. Bedini has self-published a number of articles related to experimental methods for generating and transmitting electrical energy using magnets and coils (with electronical components, in order to command the engine system). John Bedini of Bedini Electronics has been an inventor, researcher, developer and pioneer of some of the most innovative energy producing devices available. He is most noted for his "School Girl" motor circuits and variations of them. John's circuits are easily the most efficient battery charging circuits in the world. Not only are they the most efficient, the batteries power loads much longer in addition to lasting many years more simply because of the way the batteries are charged. Instead of charging batteries with hot electron current, his circuits charge them with the voltage potential component of electricity, which is free of electron current or mostly free of electron current. The batteries stay cold and therefore, internal heat doesn't deteriorate them over time as conventional chargers do. (very similar principle than the Minato engine)
bedini complete engine  Bedini motor schema
-Watch video on youtube about the John Bedini magnetic motor:

-Check Google results about the "Bedini magnetic motor"
Here is a video about a home made Bedini motor project we have built with a friend who have studied electronics. It is just a simple Bedini powered motor, using coils, magnets and CD compact disc small motor.

Bill Muller Perpetual Motion Magnet Motor
 Bill Muller is a Canadian inventor, hi invented the "Muller" perpetual motion magnet Motor. Bill Muller has influenced lots of peoples with his technology about magnetism, electricity, and quantum mechanics. Very few inventors have contributed or shared their knowledge and ideas on such important and unique energy free technologies.
Bill Muller was improving his work with the utilisation of unique materials, electronics, and magnet powered wheels design that was particularly of his onw and uncommon.
Bill Muller motor schema  Bill Muller motor complete
-Watch video on youtube about the "Bill Muller magnet motor"
-Check Google results about the "Muller Magnet Motor"



Paul Pantone hydrogen engine:
Paul Pantone's hydrogenenergy system is called GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology), it use a reactor buil in the engine exaust, making a chemical reaction, the water pass threw the reactor, and goes into a bubler (water bubler) which make the chemical reaction* to get the hydrogen out of the bubler.
*There is two ways to get the needed chemical reaction: using aluminium parts into the reactor, or adding 'carbon (or) soude (or) potassium bicarbonate'. Vinegar can be used as well to perform the chemichal reaction. Note that hydrogen is the most powerfull explosive gas, more than any other gas: butane, propane, GLP or others... Buiding an hydrogen powered engine, require carburetor/injectors admission to be well regulated, as hydrogen is an high explosive gas.
Paul Pantone complete engine  Pantone hydrogen schema
-Watch video on youtube about the "Pantone hydrogen engine"
-Check Google results about the "Pantone hydrogen engine"
Engine working with water conspiration. Geet by Inventor Paul Pantone 4 Jan 2009 ... GEET = Global Environmental Energy Technology. Replaces standard carburator; claims to increase gas consomation 2/3, reduce pollution up to <0,1g/co2, and improve engine's life. Paul Pantone engine picture/plan. Interresting Article to read: The inventor, Paul Pantone was railroaded through a series of bizarre legal maneuvers by powerful and corrupt conspirators into a state mental hospital... read more...

Stanley Meyer hydrogen system:
The hydrogen generator from Stanley Meyer can produce 200% more energy than electrical input needed. His system is 1700% more efficient than the basic electrolysis system used to make some hydrogen fron water. His system use less than 1 ampere, and a few electricity, his system is working with a high input voltage and a fast frequency, the solution for this machine to work are the electronical components which control the power input of the current supply bars with a frequency of 20000 hertz per second. Stanley Meyer built a water powered car with his hydrogen generating system.
Stanley Meyer with his hydrogen generator Stanley Meyer hydrogen generated
-Watch video on youtube about "Stanley Meyer hydrogen water fuel cell"
-Check Google results about "Stanley Meyer hydrogen"


Troy Reed Magnetic Generator Car engine:
In around 1994, Troy Reed claimed to have a fuelless, pollution-free motor with around 7 kilowatts of output, powerful enough to run a house or a car. The technology received a flurry of high-level interest, including major media. Actor and co-inventor, Dennis Weaver organized a cross-country demonstration. 
From 1980-1995, Troy allegedly built a generator that allegedly was powering his own home (and some of the neighbors when the power went out). Usually it put out around 15-30 kW, but it was capable of putting out 70 kW. Try Reed car engine (using power and magnets) is working well, is "energy free" and "pollution free" (no CO2 at all), and still get a longer life than common vehicules using petrol or diesel powered engines)
Troy Reed magnet engine in a car  Troy Reed in his magnet powered car
-Watch video on youtube about "Troy Reed Magnetic Generator Car engine"
-Check Google results about "Troy Reed magnetic motor"

Halbach magnetic motor.
An Halbach array is a special arrangement of permanent magnets that augments the magnetic field on one side of the array while cancelling the field to near zero on the other side.[1] In the diagram, the magnetic field is enhanced on the bottom side and cancelled on the top side (a one-sided flux).
The rotating pattern of permanent magnets (on the front face; on the left, up, right, down) can be continued indefinitely and have the same effect. The effect of this arrangement is roughly similar to many horseshoe magnets placed adjacent to each other, with similar poles touching (By using 4 magnets, place the north pole of each magnet from north to west side: "north","east", "south", "west".* See schema below)
Halbach array schema  Japanese train using halbach system
-Watch video on youtube about the Halbach Array, an easy explanation to understand how it is working:

-Check Google results about "Halbach array"


Using "resonance" as energy:
See spinning balls or devices, using Neospin Rodin coil neoball motor as resonance as rotating energy.
Resonance energy professional motor-energy  Resonance energy home made motor-energy
-Watch video on youtube about "Magnet motor resonance"
-Check Google results about "resonance free energy"


Suuport site to Mr Nikola Tesla works: The TESLA Foundation of North America or T.F.N.A. is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of Nikola Tesla and his inventions, works & papers. www.tesla.org

Nikola Tesla picture

Mr Nicolas Tesla technologies

Interresting video article to watch on youtube about Mr Nicolas Tesla (inventor of: alternative power, radio transmition, robotics, free magnetic energy, and more than 700 inventions...):
The Lost Archives - The Missing Secrets of Nikola Tesla

What Google gives as results for:
Conspiration about Nicolas tesla inventions


Free Energy from a Collapsing Magnetic Field.
Free energy motors and generators have been suppressed since the early 1900's. ... The free electrical energy produced by the motor is replaced back into ...

Hydrogen Engine Center.
Develops hydrogen-fueled internal combustion engines for industrial use. Company profile, product specifications, and news.

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The Hydrogen-Boost System is a gas mileage enhancement system based on the main component, an on-board hydrogen gas generator.

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The page explores both the PEM fuel cell and internal combustion engines that runs on hydrogen.

Magnet China Manufactory.
Earth Magnets Co., Ltd. motor perendev, magnetic motor.

Plasma Science and Technology.
Plasma is a gas in which a certain portion of the particles are ionized. Basics, and overview.

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